It all started when...

With the increasing prevalence of shared mobility as a viable transportation option in cities nationwide, Sylver Group was founded on the idea that robust geospatial intelligence is the key to achieving substantial profitability and a defensible competitive advantage. Our Founder and Lead Data Scientist, Anthony M. Sifontes, served as a founding member of the San Francisco Bay Area's first free-float car share company, GIG Car Share, developing their geo-analytics capabilities from the ground up while establishing numerous industry best practices

Founded in 2017, Sylver Group focuses on helping companies accelerate the growth and adoption of shared mobility by leveraging advanced predictive analytics and operational expertise.  This in turn helps shared mobility companies operate smarter, reduce costs and maximize revenues. 

Sylver Group’s ability to employ predictive analytics helps companies forecast future demand, enabling the maximization of revenue by most effectively positioning vehicles in the fleet to capture this future demand. Additionally, by leveraging insights gleaned from demand forecasting, companies can fine tune where their marketing dollars are spent by targeting individuals with the highest expected return on the cost of serving each ad.

Sylver Group is dedicated to helping shared mobility companies operate smarter. Contact us today to learn more.



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